Bio 2020

Mona Larsen, (b. 1948) Copenhagen. Recognized Danish jazz singer, composer and lyricist, with awards, Palæ Jazz Prize and Jazz Special Reader Prize for the Danish Jazz Release of the Year Never Let Me Go, 2003. Latest CD release Grains of Sand, 2009.
Member of the Poetry and Haiku group in the Danish Writers’ Association since 2004. She mainly writes on internet portals, among others. All things Ku and Bones Journal. In 2007, Mona Larsen released her first haiku collection, Bladene Drypper (The Leaves Drip). She has also self-published 25 bilingual haiku in English and DanishPeace in Ghent, 2015Konkylie Øre, (Conch Ear) 2017, contains five long poems, and her latest outing is an autobiography Magic in the Air, 2019. She appears in several anthologies, including Hub Edition Handmade in Wingland 2008 /by Colin Blundell. Blade i vinden, (Leaves in the wind) 2011. Danish Haiku Today 2012Special haiku publication for Herman Van Rompuy, 2012. She won best prize in the Swedish haiku Society’s Journal Blå Eld (Blue Fire) 2 2016. Project Peacefull Ghent, A Thousand Cranes. 2016.